Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

By the way...

I don't think I've put it on here, but I have a twitter page.  @AbbiBerta

Updates on Tucson and Upcoming Events.

So I'm actually posting a blog!  I miss this.  I've been so busy lately that I have barely been able to get on the computer.  The Bead Place is busier than ever, having just gotten back from the Tucson Gem and Bead Shows, and planning for three big events within the next two months. 
We're holding a Tucson event next weekend for our Lifetime, Diamond and Platinum members.  They'll get to watch demos, participate in make and takes, and get a chance at all the new stuff before anyone else.

Like these:

Xaz beads, and stuff from my awesome ladies, Joan and Lana at Off Center Productions!

Hot Wired Glass Class Kits will be available. (My new class)

Our next event is the Intergem Gem & Jewelry Show that we're doing.  I believe the dates are March 25-27th. We're going to have TONS of beautiful seed bead hanks and AWESOME kumihimo fiber kits.  We'll be doing demos non-stop all weekend.  It's going to be funnnnn.  I love seeing all the vendors again.  It's like a family reunion!

Toyo Feng, from Feng, Inc is coming Tuesday, April 5th to do a semi-precious stone TRUNK SHOW for our customers!  It's gonna be awesome.  I love Toyo. 

All in all, we've just got a whole lot going on.  TONS of new classes for all of us.  No time to upload pics of all of them, but check out the shop's website to see the calendar.

AAAAANNNDDD, then a couple random pictures from Tucson:

Top: Hanna and I being goofy at the Tierra Cast booth     Bottom: Our group with Marcia DeCoster

Well, thanks for reading!  Back to the grind. ;)

Oh, P.S. Check this out!  My face on today's beading daily!  3/1/11 Beading Daily Newsletter

Monday, January 24, 2011

Bead Fest 2011

If you've been wandering my website or are on my e-mail list, you know this already, but I thought I'd make the announcement here:

I'll be teaching two classes this year at Bead Fest Philadelphia. 

Here is the link to check out the two classes that I'm teaching:
Abbi's Classes at Bead Fest 11

If any of you are going to Tucson this year, I'll see you there!  It's always fun to meet up, so let me know where you'll be so we can meet.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Kits Now Available on the Website!

THREE of the most popular classes are now available as a kit on the website!

Each class kit comes with everything you need to create the bracelet, a hard copy of instructions, AND a private link to the video class for the project.
Life wouldn't be fun without variety, so in each kit, you have color combination choices to make each project your own!
Payment is made easy through PayPal!

Check out the Class Kits today!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Mind Body & Spirit Cruise

I just got back to St. Louis this morning from teaching on the Mind Body & Spirit Cruise to Cozumel and Key West on the Norwegian Sun.  From what I understand, it will become an annual cruise, so check back if you're interested in booking for next year.  The classes will be different, and we will probably have more options. 

I taught Russian Spiral

Viking Knit

and also the Beaded Starfish

It was so fun to share experiences with these ladies at such an exciting time in our lives.
I saw some of the Mayan Ruins.  It was awesome.  We did some shopping and I got some great deals on some silver bracelets.  Sorry about the low quality in these next photos.  I'm tired from the drive and I don't feel like finding my camera so I'm using the webcam.

 I got my Mayan astrological sign "Ceh" carved in fish bone by Mayan artisans in Mexico. 

 I collect ammonites, so this was an awesome find.

I got the outer two at the ruins and the middle one in Cozumel.  Pandora-style beads fit on the right one, so that's fun.

Mike bought me this cute zebra Pandora-style bead so I think I'm gonna put together a vacation series of Pandora-style beads from this trip.  I have a cute little lampwork dice bead and also a crab which is cool because we saw some awesome sea life in the tide pools at Cozumel.  I saw tons of baby hermit crabs, fish, and snails, as well as a black sea urchin and some other weird creatures.  I also found tons of sea glass on the beach which will be fun to play with.
 Paper Mache Dia de los Muertos Catrina made by Mexican artisans.

 Don't tell anyone, but I found this at the Mayan Ruins.  Notice how the front of it is a rusty red color?  Mayans made signs on the rocks like that, meaning this was once part of a sign or message on a building made by the Mayans.  Hopefully I'm not cursed for the rest of my life because I took this. 

 Cute little hand painted Dia de los Muertos ornament.  You can't see the detail, but it's really well-painted. 

 Some of the awesome things I found at the beach.  I found a lot of beach glass in all different colors (including purple!), but the middle left piece is the most interesting because it had barnacles on it.

My friend, Sarah, and I got matching henna tattoos in Key West as well!

It was so fun.  I might post more pictures from the trip when I upload them.  I'll be working on my website soon, so look forward to new products and pages.