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Free Demo Sunday! Tubular Peyote Bangle!

Tubular Peyote Bangle!

Materials Needed:
25g size 6 seed beads
8lb Fireline
Big Eye Needle
Tape Measure

Measure your folded hand at its widest point.

Thread a length of Fireline that you are comfortable working with onto your needle.  String the seed beads until they measure 1/2 longer than your hand measurement.  Make sure that there are an even number of seed beads.  When it comes to sizing bangles, if you are in doubt, add more seed beads.

Tie the seed beads into a circle using a double square knot.  (Right over left, left over right, twice.)

Take the needle through one bead in the direction that you are planning on working.  

Add one bead to the needle.  Skipping one bead in the circle, take the needle through the next bead.

Add another bead, skip one bead on the circle, and go into the next bead.

The beads you are adding should line up against every other bead in the original circle.

It doesn't really matter to which side the beads are falling when you are completing your first two rows.

Complete the entire circle in this way.

When you have completed the last row, take the needle up to the next row by stepping up and going through the next bead in the row you have just added.

Continue to add a bead into every other spot.  It will get easier to see where you are adding the beads.  They will seem to go into the missing spots.  

Step up to the next row in the same way.  Continue around and finish this row just like before.

 Continue to add until you have 8 rows.  Peyote rows are counted in a zig-zag.  If you have 8 rows, there should be four beads stacked upright next to another stack of four beads that are offset from the first one.  Start to zip up the sides by going through a bead on the edge of one side, then through the next bead on the other side.

Pull tightly as you go through each bead.  You will notice how the ends go together like a zipper and each bead falls into place.

If your peyote stitches are very tight throughout the bracelet, you might need to guide the beads into the right spot to zip up the rest once you get to the end.  You might want to loosen the zipped area about an inch below what you are trying to close.  Guide the beads into the direction they need to go in order for you to close the entire bracelet.

Continue around the entire circle pulling very tightly as you go to ensure that the side you are zipping looks just like the regular peyote stitch you've used to assemble the bracelet so far.

 You will need to reinforce the part that you have just zipped shut.  It may be helpful for you to curve the end of your big eye needle so that you can use it like a hook to enter and exit the beads that you are reinforcing.

  Once you have reinforced the side that you have zipped shut, the peyote stitches should look fairly uniform.  Knot the thread into the bracelet making sure that you are knotting around at least two threads in the stitch.  When in doubt, add another knot. :)  Trim the extra Fireline.

If your measurements were correct, you should have a Tubular Peyote bangle that slides over your hand and fits comfortably on your wrist!

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