Sunday, July 11, 2010

Free Demo Sunday! How to Crochet a Necklace! Part 2!

Here is Part 2 of last week's How to Crochet a Necklace!
If you have not completed last week's project, refer to the last blog entry for instructions on how to create the crocheted necklace.  In this entry, we are embellishing with crystals and wire.

Cut at least 3 lengths of 26 or 28 gauge artistic wire at various measurements ranging from 2 feet to 4 feet.
(If you have made your crochet necklace longer, adjust your measurements.  Tack on the amount you added to your necklace.)

Make a loop 6 inches down the artistic wire to start your slip knot to crochet.

Wire onto your crochet hook.

Add about 15 beads to the bottom of your wire that you will crochet, then bend the end up to stop them from falling off.  You will be adding more as you crochet, so don't make too harsh of a bend.

Bring two beads up towards the hook.

Complete one chain stitch around the beads.  Watch the opening video if you're having trouble with this technique.

Continue to crochet in this manner.  Try just pulling up one bead every other chain stitch.  You could also crochet all of the different wires with different numbers of beads in each stitch.

As you crochet, begin to pull on the chained section to elongate the loops.

You could also try untwisting the chains to make the beads look more at random.

Once you are about 6 inches from the other end of the wire, pull the tail end through the last chain loop to end your chain.  Lay the chain on your necklace to make sure that it is at the length you want it.  Each of your strands of wire that you will complete will look best at a different length, so your shorter cut wire should be the highest on the necklace.

Poke the end of the wire up through the knot that is 3 inches from your yarn chains.  Make sure that you have at least an inch pulled through.

Spiral the inch of wire around the top of the knot so that it is secure.

Do the same to the other side of the chain.

Complete the other strands in the same manner and arrange them however you'd like on the necklace!

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  1. thank you so much for sharing your idea and for this fine tutorial! I appriciate that really very much - I know, a tutorial means a lot of time consuming work for you.
    first I didn't know what ladder yarn is, but when I saw it in your pictures, I found that I have this kind of yarn at home and I hadn't used it till now!
    happy easter to you and many greetings from Austria!