Sunday, June 27, 2010

"What do you call this stuff?" "Junk." "Well, it's great junk."

My Sunday afternoon was pretty fun.

The Sears next to our house is closing, so we go up there every now and then to see how discounted everything is getting.  I got a blue flame micro torch for super cheap.  It's a WL Lenk Pro-torch that heats to 2400F.
Wahhooo.  That'll be fun.  I'll have to remember to only use that on high heat projects and to use my baby micro torch for low heat projects.  I wonder how long until I forget which one is which.

After Sears, we went to El Indio, an independent Mexican restaurant out by us.  They're pretty good.  It's a fun atmosphere.  There's always a goofy guy in a sombrero or somebody singing outrageously loud from the kitchen.

I got the "Vegetarian Combination E" which has a cheese enchilada, a bean burrito, and a quesadilla.  I really like their enchiladas because their red sauce isn't really heavy like a lot of other places' sauces.
It was super tasty.  I didn't finish all of it, but I usually never do.  I always load up on chips, salsa, and cheese dip before the food comes.  That's the way to do it though.  That stuff's complimentary and you can take your meal home.  It's the money smart way to navigate a Mexican restaurant, ha.

Mike got the carnitas.  He enjoys his food too much somtimes.

He's a strange one.

We then went to Whole Foods.  I've been on the search for Morningstar Hot Dogs.  Can't find them anywhere anymore.  Does anyone know if they're discontinued?

No luck finding the hot dogs.  I settled for Smart dogs.  I've never tried them.  Oh well.  We got some good stuff.  We tried to stick to things on sale, but it's hard to not walk out of that place $75 poorer than when you walked in.

I thought this sign was awesome.

I love how goofy everything is there, too.  I love the tattoo-clad 60 year old women working there and how every worker is wearing a different hat.  I also love the different colored umbrellas hanging from the ceiling all over the store.

This was my reward for not spending $100 in that temptation zoo of a grocery store!
I think this will be the dessert at the wedding.  Caribbean fruit flavored popsicles. Ohhh yeah, tasty tasty.

...And then we came home.  I'm going to upload this Beaded Starfish Demo and then join this on the couch:

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